Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cosdiary Update!

So, I decided to go ahead and start writing my book again! :D I ended up losing about 47 pages of work about a week ago, and totally got discouraged for a bit. *cry* But, I recently realized that I ended up saving bits and pieces of it by sending it to myself in emails! :D So the good news is, is I have re-found my muse!

Due to my muse re-findings, I am already up to 13 pages in a single day!!! So hopefully I will be back to my old tabs soon enough! ^_^  

I have quite a few people lined up for interviews, including some special guests!

I will continue to keep everyone posted!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Time for updates!


Two conventions coming up for sure, both of them having events ran by my cosplay group, Silver Aura of Dawn Cosplay (more info below). Upcoming conventions!

We/I will certainly be hitting more next year, but those are my for sures until I know how my Research Program goes. =^.^=



You can check us out on 

And of course our very own, new FORUMS!!!
Check those out, join us, chat with us, follow us, etc! Tons of fun to go around for everyone! <3<3<3

SADC will be holding auditions for those interested in being cast for our Kuroshitsuji/Godchild Social Ball at KawaKon 2011. It is important that you audition for your role, especially since we are trying to be character accurate and put together a good, hard working team. Auditions will also allow everyone a fair chance at getting the character that they want, so long as SADC member has not taken them yet. Because it is an event hosted by the group, SADC group members get first choice when it comes to cast. But Kuroshitsuji and Godchild have a HUGE cast that needs filling, so head on over thar! ^_~  
For information, check out our Myspace/Facebook!

SADC is also accepting music suggestions for the Loveless After Dark for Bishie Con! Be sure to submit the song you would like if you are interested! (check out our Facebook for more info)


I am currently working on several new cosplays. One of them I am redoing Ciel for KawaKon and SADC's Kuroshitsuji/Godchild Social Ball. I decided that I may not do another artwork version of him, but take one of his outfits and just completely reverse the colors. I have this gorgeous pattern in mind, and I hope to get him finished by KawaKon! :D

I hope to be redoing Rogue as well. But Im not quite sure what I want her to wear. I hope to work on some armor for her eventually, but I dont have the time to get around to it right now. *sigh*

I also have plans for Inutaisho from Inuyasha. He has been one of my dream cosplays, and I have the perfect ideas for him. Hes going to be expensive though, and looks like Ciel will have to win over Inutaisho. T_T Ciel will probably cost me around $800+ all together, including fabric, supplies, accessories, contacts, wigs, props, etc. *sigh* But it will be totally worth it. ^_^  Inutaisho may be more expensive though, because I plan on using REAL Japanese clothing. I decided that I am going to use a white Yukata, Tekkou, hakama, etc. And I have a special plan for the armor, that I am not ready to reveal yet! The wig is going to be soooo fun! I hope to work on it sometime in the next 5 months!

You are probably wondering how I can afford my cosplays? Well. I cant. >.< My costumes take a lot of time to save up for, especially since my work hours are sporadic. But I have a second job now, and looks like I may be able to do a little more, but rent, school and food/gas are important first. 



I put my first Soom Monthly Doll on layaway, with help from my room mate! Shes so GORGEOUS! OMG! I decided I am going to turn her into Shiori, and when she's not cosplaying, shes going to be the Celtic Goddess Danu. Shes so utterly perfect, and is now my most expensive doll. @.@  I wont finish paying her off until February though, and Im currently selling a lot of my other dolls to pay her off. >.< 

Here's who's going:

Doll In Mind MNM 60cm Boy Body (Normal Skin): $225+shipping
Dollmore Limited Elf Pado 43cm Boy: $350-$450 (may have a buyer)
Dragondoll 45cm Boy Xi (Normal Skin): $250+shipping
Resinsoul 70cm Long Boy (White Skin): $250 with shipping (may have a buyer)
Doll in Mind MNM Peter Facinelli Head (White Skin): $200+shipping
Soom Chrom FireLord Legs (courtesy of roommate): $150+shipping

Lucius Vlad De la Faye (63cm Elfdoll Limited Vampire Red)
Rogue Artemis Riley (42cm Dream of Doll DOC Twing-Key)
Amaya Apolla Riley (42cm Dream of Doll DOC Twing-Key)
Devin/Akira Kurosaki (62cm Dollcot Loon)
Carlisle Cullen (DIM MNM Peter Facinelli)
Ryuzaki L (Hujoo Wings Wo)


Soom LightRose Double Dome Nada Eyes
Luts Super Senior Delf Girl White Boots
Luts Heat Resistant Fiber Long White Wig 9"-10"

Ive also got some awesome clothing on layaway for my SD sized dolls. In fact, here is Lucius wearing one of the outfits I finally paid off! :D

Its one of VOLKS's limited Furisode Kimono set. ^_^ Its soooo gorgeous!!

Most of my dolls and my room mates' dolls are going to become Irish fae, being based off of Celtic mythology and history. Right now we have Sreng and Nuada, and we are waiting on the Dagda and Danu. We are saving for Robin Goodfellow, Balor, Finvarrah, Morrigan, Aine, and some others. Lately, I have found myself drawn into the realm of Fae and Irish folklore, and I never thought I would before. ^_^  Though, I must say, Japan is still my #1!


Recently I applied to do the Japan Research Project with Webster University and the Asian Network. Only 5 students were accepted into the program that will pay for a round trip to Japan to study human rights. We each had to write a proposal and submit it along with an application and teacher recommendations. 


Now, we are going to compete as a school against other schools to see which school gets the grant from the Asian Network to go. We are all working on polishing our proposals! :D  My room mate, Kuri-chan got accepted too! So I will have a friend with me!!!

My proposal was on how the media effected and influenced the beliefs and rights of women in Japanese youth. 

I got a second job, finally. And they are pretty awesome. =^.^= I get paid decently, and I dont have to work a huge number of hours, so I can focus on passing my school too. I still have my job at the other place, and I still love it there.

I am now in a new school! I got into Webster University. I am going for Anthropology/Sociology joint degree, with a minor in Japanese. I love studying culture, so this is the perfect field for me!

I am also currently writing a book!  It is a cosplay guide book, that will feature tutorials, interviews with cosplayers and voice actors, and a guide on Cosplay conduct and how to cosplay. Its much more than that, but its difficult to describe. X3 I have a lot of support from all of you so far, and I want to thank you all again!

Dont hesitate to contact me if you would like to! I always try to respond to messages!


New Blog: First Post

Hello everyone! Mimiru here! 

I have never actually blogged before. ^////^ But I know that this will also make it easier for some of my fans and friends to peek at what Im up to, who dont have facebook or myspace. This is for all of you! :D

What will I talk about in my blogs though???

*Asian Ball Jointed Dolls
*Stuff Im doing outside of cons and cosplay

Ive got plenty of things to talk about, and always tons of new updates! :D So keep on the look out for them!

Okay everyone! Time for my first updates!!!