Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Frost Debut!


Debut: October 6, 2013

Photos of Frost taken by Mason T Photography.
Photo of skull and mask taken by Mimiru Riley.
Costume and design by Mimiru Riley.

Thor 2 Prisoner Loki Progress

Prison LokiThor 2Progress Pics(Sept-Oct 2013)
The Shirt
For a pattern, I used an old kimono undergarment and tore it apart to create the base of a shirt. The sleeves had to be altered and I created my own pattern to make the sleeves due to how different they were from the kimono. The reference pictures seem to have more of a judo-esque look to the shirt, so I wanted to maintain this look as best as I could. The shirt sleeves look loose enough to pull up to mid-forearm. I guessed on using ties to keep the shirt closed, much in the style of martial arts clothing.

The fabric choice had been difficult. The fabric LOOKS like some sort of gauze, but this is Loki we are talking about, so I found a nice micro-suede after a month of fabric hunting for the shirt.

The collar should be folded left over right.

There are two mock-ups of the shirt, one made from a stretch cotton, one made from a stretch muslin and the final out of the suede.

Pattern for the shirt created from a cut-apart kimono naga-juban
Pattern and first mockup of the shirt.
The final fabric used for the shirt is micro suede in an olive-forest colour. Collar is hand-sewn in the style of a Japanese kimono.

Second mockup

The Vest(as of 10/14/2013)

The vest was sewn completely together, with several types of fabrics. I used vinyl, micro-suede and upholstery fabrics for the final look of the vest. Approximately 80 hours to date has been put into the vest, and it has been made as accurately as possible to the reference photos.

The vest features a full lining in micro-suede, a second panel edition to the front two tails, and the edges of the vinyl have been sewn for a more polished, completely look. There are also metal pieces that will line the edges of the tails. I spent about two months searching for the right fabrics for this piece of the costume.

There is a second collar attached to the main collar and additional detailing added to the outside of the coat. It has been sized carefully to be accurate to my height in comparison to the one for Tom Hiddleston.

aking a pattern from paper first based on a concept design and reference images.
A mockup made from cheap cotton to create the actual pattern for final cuts.
The first look at the vest over the shirt. Vest does not have any sewing and has been pinned in place to check on size, lay, etc.

The back view of the vest. The tails are my favourite part!
A look from the side

A look at the vest and shirt with the fabric laid over it. It makes a beautiful combination.

This is the back. Finally started sewing on the vest. The tails and the side pieces have been attached and lined with the same micro-suede as the shirt. Over-all a beautiful combination of colours, and the tails lay appropriately and evenly. The back panel piece was lined with a French seam. 

Sewing on the vest finally mostly finished. Minor details still need to be added to the overall design. The collar is a double collar. The vest features additional patterns on the front of it. Still not completely sewn, but looks fantastic so far, especially in its more polished form.

Stay tuned for more updates!!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Frost Progress!!!

Hello peeps! I am here with some updates for my current big project: Frost! 


Piecing it together:

Painting Progress:

For the paint, I used a ight, pearl-blue acrylic that turned out really lovely on the blue vinyl. The jewels are swavarski crystals set in various sizes.

Mask Progress:

The mask was created out of sculpey, and was my first time doing anything of this type of material! :D  I love how I have been able to experiment with new materials. It's really awesome!  The mask looks really battle worn, which is great since that was the look I was going for. :)  My first attempt at the mask was really lame (LOL). I had used crayola model magic, and it wasn't exactly the easiest or the best material to use for this mask. Overall I am happy with the results, especially for my first time doing this! :D

Frost test pics:

No wig yet, but hopefully soon I will have the wig styled and ready to go! I found the perfect contact lens for Frost, and I really can't wait to get them! :)  This project rocks so far!

Check out up-to-date progress on my facebook


Harley Quinn Debut

Generation IV: Dark Ages

Harley Quinn

Photos taken by William G. in Coralville, IA; July 28th, 2013

Anime Iowa and Harley Quinn

Wow. Anime Iowa has come and gone! I have to say that this is probably the best Anime Iowa (and probably best con weekend) I have ever attended. Being a guest of honour this year was a great experience (learning and socially!) and I want to thank Anime Iowa, Iowa, the Marriott, the other guests and the attendees for having me this year! It has been a blast hosting the four panels and dance, and I loved meeting everyone and getting the chance to talk to so many awesome people!

I don't think that life could be better right now, and all of you are responsible for helping to make this happen. :)

Panels I hosted this year were
~Kimono Kitsuke
~Cosplay 101: Acting in Cosplay
~Marvel/DC Mashup
~Living and Working in Japan
~Nevermore's Social Ball

I also had the chance to judge the workmanship and cosplay masquerade! There were many awesome costumes and skits this year, and you all did splendidly! :D I hope you compete again next year!

I want to give a shout-out to the people who helped make Nevermore's Social and the Marvel/DC Mashup a reality! Without you guys, these events would not have been nearly as awesome as they were!

Courtesy of Cukini Studio

Courtesy of Cukini Studio
Courtesy of Cukini Studio

Courtesy of Cukini Studio

Courtesy of Cukini Studio

The Marvel/DC Mashup turned out to be superb! Originally it was supposed to be a cast Q&A, but ended up being a full-on, full-blown improv stage performance! We were a little over half full in our audience at the mainstage, and no one really wanted to leave when it was over. This was just, beyond words awesome! I hope that we can put together this event again next year, and do double what we did! :D  This year we had Joker, Harley 1, Harley 2, Bruce Wayne, Superman, Captain Rodgers, and the Minion! Some of the audience ended up getting involved as well, which made the panel even more of a blast! I love it when the audience gets involved and starts interacting!

Man of Steel and Bruce Wayne at the Marvel/DC Mashup

Overall, Anime Iowa gets a 10/10 from me! I was sad that I didn't get to see many of the other panels, but I have to say it was worth the weekend! I already miss my friends and all the cool people I got to meet. I hope to be back next year, folks!


Harley has finally been debuted! Already looking into a new design for her. I found the perfect stretch vinyl that I think would look super cool! The hood will have a cool effect and the puff balls will too!  I am not sure if I want to do booties for the feet or try to find some shoes.  She definitely gets to keep the slap gun, and I may make her a mallet!

Jack Frost is currently in the works! I have his wig, which needs styling, and I am looking for a blue hoodie to do the designs on. :)  Now I need to figure out his pants too.

I also want to introduce my new project, Frost, from Mortal Kombat! I will be combining a nice mixture of original design and Mortal Kombat design for her character. :)  I am hoping to debut her at Archon 37, along with my boyfriend as Sub-Zero. :D We are both excited for these projects.

Rogue finally has a new wig, so she can get back in action! I have not done anything with Rogue since Generation Salvation, and I think it is time she got her upgrade! ;)

I also have been working on a concept for Luna from My Little Pony! Firefly Path has recently created a beautiful design for Princess Luna, and I have been inspired by it to create something similar. :)  I can't wait to send in a final photo to them to see what they have inspired! <3  I am a HUGE fan of Firefly Path. <3

As of this moment Luna's wig, horn and skirt are finished.


I am offering a challenge! Sometime in the next month donate to a charity, support a good cause or volunteer in your community! Doing these things help our communities to grow and develop positively! Our communities provide so many good things for us, and it is time we start giving in return. :)

I guess that this is all for now! I hope you all take care and don't forget to friend me on facebook!

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And....Without further ado!!! I present Harley Quinn!!

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