Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Frost Debut!


Debut: October 6, 2013

Photos of Frost taken by Mason T Photography.
Photo of skull and mask taken by Mimiru Riley.
Costume and design by Mimiru Riley.

Thor 2 Prisoner Loki Progress

Prison LokiThor 2Progress Pics(Sept-Oct 2013)
The Shirt
For a pattern, I used an old kimono undergarment and tore it apart to create the base of a shirt. The sleeves had to be altered and I created my own pattern to make the sleeves due to how different they were from the kimono. The reference pictures seem to have more of a judo-esque look to the shirt, so I wanted to maintain this look as best as I could. The shirt sleeves look loose enough to pull up to mid-forearm. I guessed on using ties to keep the shirt closed, much in the style of martial arts clothing.

The fabric choice had been difficult. The fabric LOOKS like some sort of gauze, but this is Loki we are talking about, so I found a nice micro-suede after a month of fabric hunting for the shirt.

The collar should be folded left over right.

There are two mock-ups of the shirt, one made from a stretch cotton, one made from a stretch muslin and the final out of the suede.

Pattern for the shirt created from a cut-apart kimono naga-juban
Pattern and first mockup of the shirt.
The final fabric used for the shirt is micro suede in an olive-forest colour. Collar is hand-sewn in the style of a Japanese kimono.

Second mockup

The Vest(as of 10/14/2013)

The vest was sewn completely together, with several types of fabrics. I used vinyl, micro-suede and upholstery fabrics for the final look of the vest. Approximately 80 hours to date has been put into the vest, and it has been made as accurately as possible to the reference photos.

The vest features a full lining in micro-suede, a second panel edition to the front two tails, and the edges of the vinyl have been sewn for a more polished, completely look. There are also metal pieces that will line the edges of the tails. I spent about two months searching for the right fabrics for this piece of the costume.

There is a second collar attached to the main collar and additional detailing added to the outside of the coat. It has been sized carefully to be accurate to my height in comparison to the one for Tom Hiddleston.

aking a pattern from paper first based on a concept design and reference images.
A mockup made from cheap cotton to create the actual pattern for final cuts.
The first look at the vest over the shirt. Vest does not have any sewing and has been pinned in place to check on size, lay, etc.

The back view of the vest. The tails are my favourite part!
A look from the side

A look at the vest and shirt with the fabric laid over it. It makes a beautiful combination.

This is the back. Finally started sewing on the vest. The tails and the side pieces have been attached and lined with the same micro-suede as the shirt. Over-all a beautiful combination of colours, and the tails lay appropriately and evenly. The back panel piece was lined with a French seam. 

Sewing on the vest finally mostly finished. Minor details still need to be added to the overall design. The collar is a double collar. The vest features additional patterns on the front of it. Still not completely sewn, but looks fantastic so far, especially in its more polished form.

Stay tuned for more updates!!!!