Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sub-Zero's First Sketch!

 Sub-Zero's Rough Sketch #1
No Detail

Thanks to the effects of boredom, I have sat down and began sketching out what will (eventually) be my version of Sub-Zero. :-)  These sketches are based off of the original costume, so I currently have added no originality to the design yet. I need to get the basic concept out first before I begin on that. Once I have the basic concept down, I will begin to re-sketch and add more detail to the new piece.

I have a tendency to work in "layers", and I find it helpful to maintain an organized (hopefully) and step-by-step structure when creating pieces. Sometimes I do deviate from the "organized" part, but it is to be expected. lol

Here is what I have thus far for Sub-Zero. :-)

There it is! Nothing special at the moment, obviously, but hopefully in the near future there will be tons more to look at. :-)

Until the next update! <3