Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silver Aura of Dawn Cosplay Taking Donations for Japan Relief!

Silver Aura of Dawn Cosplay is now taking donations for the Japan Relief Fund. All donations are given directly to the Japan Red Cross to help Japan with its rebuild from the recent earthquake, tsunami and its radioactive devastation. 

SADC is wanting to raise at least $1500 for this cause.

Many of us have friends and family in Japan who were affected in one way or another by these horrible events. 

It is my goal as SADC leader to help promote this cause and help Japan stand mighty once again.

 You can donate on the SADC website at:

Or direct paypal to:

All funds and donations go straight to Japan Red Cross.

Sincerely with  Love,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To The People of Japan


I want to throw out thousands of prayers to Japan and the people of Japan right now, for their safety, rebuilding of life, and to pull through this most difficult time.  Hearing about this on the news is one thing, but knowing that there are so many people there who are suffering, is very difficult to actually stomach. Right now is not a time for people to point fingers, to blame or to laugh in others' faces.

Right now is the time for everyone to come together and put forth help to these wonderful people.  I give a deep bow of respect to the Japanese for how well they are working together to try and make the most of this horrible tragedy, and I know that their teamwork and dedication will help them. I know it is not the end of the world, but it seems like it. So many deaths, so many women, children, husbands, grandparents, wives all missing...people who are important to someone somewhere, not safe where they should be.

It is so sad, and so tear jerking to wonder what happened to everyone, but that is not the right way to think.  The Japanese need our support, our love and our help, and  I think we should all give a helping hand in some way.  It seems that the worst is starting to hit, but I know that with our help, Japan can pull themselves together and get back on their feet.

Hopefully the situation will not continue to decline to get worse, but there is an extremely long road ahead of everyone.  We all need to put forth a greater effort for our  Japanese brothers and sisters, more so than we have ever done before. We are all part of this same earth, and we all breathe the same air. Japan has done so much for us, and have been our friends for nearly 40 years. Now is the time to stand beside them and fight, and offer our swords in arms and give them more help 110%, and not the %30 or %50 that we have put forth towards Haiti or even our own disasters.  I still noticed a half-attempt on those accounts, and I think we, especially as Americans, can do better than we have been, despite our own economic downfall.

There is so much more to gain than money in times like this. To help our fellow humanity, and to take our reputation and make it much more respectable as friends, not as enemies. America is notorious for its war history, fallen economy and violence, but I think we can do better. We should be known for our compassion and sympathy.

So everyone, I beg of you to help in some way. Pray, donate, do what you feel you can to help these people stand again. The long road is a difficult one, but not one that will be forever. 

Everyone, thank you so much for reading this, and I pray, and hope for the best in these dark times.


Everyone, I know that it is a difficult time for you, but please know it won't be forever.  You have the rest of the world on your side, ready to help you, and you are already doing what you can to make the best of this horrible tragedy.  It is time for Japan to unite, and help one another out to the best of your ability. You are a respectable and powerful people, and together, you can make this work.

I know you will probably have family and friends who have been lost, or who you can not contact, but please don't fall apart. Hold yourself strong, for both yourself and your loved ones. Cry if you need to cry. Smile if you need to smile. Laugh if you want to laugh. Your cries, smiles and laughs will bring a sense of unity and peace that is needed among one another. Your compassion for each other far succeeds nearly anyone else in the world, and this will be your best trait. You work together and work things through.

I believe that there is no way that this tragedy will hold you down. You have faced too much in the past to let this get to you, and you have grown through all of your experiences.

Please know that you have all of our prayers, our hearts and our love and support going out to you right now from all over the world. You are not alone, no matter how lonely it may seem. Please keep pulling through and remain strong through these difficult times. We are all here for you.