Monday, November 1, 2010

One Size Down!

Hey yall! I will tell ya! It is pretty difficult to stick to a diet once you have started. >.<

It is hard to not want to get pizza ordered, especially after a loooong day of classes. *cry*  But I know that laziness is not a good thing. >.< Its honestly not that hard to get my butt up to make a pb&j or something. =^.^=

Good news is, is that my brand new pair of jeans are baggy on me now, when they were really tight only last week. They are still fairly new, and would need more wearing out. I know I have been losing weight, because I can now fit into an old pair! :D  Im so happy! I hope to lose more by Bishie Con.

Gonna watch Leprechaun 3 now. I love those movies. They show you what REAL faeries are like. Wishmaster is another one. Both versions of fae are very Seelie.

Funny how I wouldnt know this stuff only 10 months ago. O.O

Gonna get gone now!

Toodles! :D