Monday, July 23, 2012

GENERATION III WAR: Officially Launched!

I am officially launching the release of the third Generation of Cosplay Series! War will consist of more female characters (*gasp*) and have more of a bite than Salvation (I hope XD).

Officially on the list for Generation III: War
(subject to change)

*Yamamoto Anise (Barajou no Kiss) -COMPLETE
*Seras Victoria (Hellsing Manga)  -IN PROGRESS
*Young Walter (Hellsing Manga) -IN PROGRESS
*Claude Faustus (Kuroshitsuji II) -IN PROGRESS
*Usagi (Sailor Moon)
*Toshi (Bunraku)
*Wonder Woman
*Altair (Assassin's Creed)
*Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII-2)
*Nevermore [Summer Court] (Original) -COMPLETE
*Nevermore; the King's Knight (Original)
*Hakuyaoshi [Casual] (Original) -IN PROGRESS

Gijinkas are also going to be added to my Generational Cosplays!

Generation I Gijinka:
(subject to change)