Monday, August 19, 2013

Frost Progress!!!

Hello peeps! I am here with some updates for my current big project: Frost! 


Piecing it together:

Painting Progress:

For the paint, I used a ight, pearl-blue acrylic that turned out really lovely on the blue vinyl. The jewels are swavarski crystals set in various sizes.

Mask Progress:

The mask was created out of sculpey, and was my first time doing anything of this type of material! :D  I love how I have been able to experiment with new materials. It's really awesome!  The mask looks really battle worn, which is great since that was the look I was going for. :)  My first attempt at the mask was really lame (LOL). I had used crayola model magic, and it wasn't exactly the easiest or the best material to use for this mask. Overall I am happy with the results, especially for my first time doing this! :D

Frost test pics:

No wig yet, but hopefully soon I will have the wig styled and ready to go! I found the perfect contact lens for Frost, and I really can't wait to get them! :)  This project rocks so far!

Check out up-to-date progress on my facebook


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