Sunday, February 7, 2016

Yaya Han 1st Release Fabric Review

I did a small and quick review on the fabrics the other day, but today I went back and checked out a few different stores and did a more in depth comparison of the Yaya Han brand fabrics to themselves and to some other similar fabrics.

My final judgement is a 3/10... (maybe a 4)...

The videos I have included are very brief and feature some of my own opinions and opinions of my cosplay partner as well as demonstrating the fabric. Let's start on the first one.

The metallic scales...

First...these are supposed to be a 4 way stretch...but when playing with the stretch they have a very nice stretch two ways, but the other angle does not appear to have a good elasticity.  I would give it a 3-way at most...

Most of the lycra/spandex/stretch fabrics are labeled as a 4-way stretch on all of the Yaya Han brand...but most of them do not have good pull/give-n-take.  I recommend taking careful measurements and maybe adding a little where necessary when using these fabrics.

 The spandex and lycra all were metallic and several similar ones could be found for half the cost just down the end of the isle in the performance fabric.....and the cost? $29.99 a yard minimum. The most expensive fabrics go for 39.99USD.

 The brocades all look like run of the mill brocades, but there is one that is peacock feathers. The brocade is nice, and nicer quality than some of the super cheap brocades and are on 60" bolts rather than 45" or 50".

The stretch suede had nice texture to them but I will personally continue using micro suede or other suede at costs that are nearly 1/3 of what these are asking for. (I had a video taken for these too, but the file is much too large to upload. @A@)

 The cotton twill was nice and thick but you can find other ones for more colours and are much cheaper. For example, Hobby Lobby has nice twill in a variety of colours for 9.99.

Disappointed as these fabrics are definitely not for new cosplayers looking to get fresh into sewing. Too costly for the cheap material and not all of them seem reliable for long-term wear and tear. If you want to try them, there are some decent materials out of the lot and you may find something perfect for you.

Final judging score: 3 / 10 (maybe a 4)

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