Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cosplay Updates for 2011!

Hey everyone! Im sorry I have been gone for so long!!  But I have been really busy!

First, let me start with.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 明けましておめでとうございます!!!!!!

And now let me start with what's been going!

I have been looking at part time jobs, and found that dog-walking will be beneficial to me health-wise (good exercise) and for the pets of owners! It also pays decently (some money is better than none in college) and I get to have fun with other animals!  I also have applied to my expensive haunt, Shogun's steakhouse.  My only drawback is, is that I may be going to Japan in the fall, so I will probably have to quit my jobs after Summer is over.....


Yes! New cosplay updates! I have recently uploaded several new cosplays to my photo albums on facebook!  Nevermore, Shikiko, and my cute Moogle!  Check them out at:  

I have finally decided to make Nevermore into a cosplay, and I think I want to actually go somewhere with him, like I have my others. He is a great pet-project...

Speaking of pet-project....I found this absolutely beautiful green dress at Goodwill, along with a shrug and a necklace. I plan on altering it into some sort of Neo-hanfu, and wearing it for Rogue. Looks like Rogue will have another outfit soon! Its actually quite elven, despite the chinese-esque overall design of the dress. I will be playing with this thing for a while, and hopefully I can show it off at KawaKon! 

I have also finally started working on Crystal Ciel. Fabric cost so far (not including trim and other stuff) has been:  $45.00 + $81.00 = $126.00 (and some change)

I still need to get:  hat, stuff to make the accessories for the hat, gloves, Victorian shoes, cane, lining fabric, trim, buttons, socks, garters, new contact lens, eyepatch, stuff to decorate eyepatch, new wig, pretty jewels, stuff to make the shoulder armor, and much more. @.@  This is going to be one of my best Ciel cosplays ever, and I am also working with another seamstress to get this finished due to limitations in time, so it will be super epic! 

I will say though, I am NOT enjoying the idea of turning ANY of my project over to someone else. It is really painful. I love making all of my own costumes, and I love the costume being part of ME....But I know that not everyone can put forth all the time in the world to make such an epic project, especially when I have little under 3 months to complete it between school full-time and work-part time and tae kwon do.....I am going to be working on the best parts of it though, so the costume will be ME still.  That I am taking comfort in.

Crystal Ciel is a dream image of Ciel that I have had, and wanted to put it into an actual work. So I may upset some die-hard Kuroshitsuji fans with my image. Ciel's hair and main color scheme has been changed, and even though he is still CIEL, he is Ciel as I see him in my own artwork image. Something tells me though, that when I am done, the fans will still like him and the concept that I have for the overall design. 

Speaking of design...Crystal Ciel is pretty much an inverted, altered version of the Volume 6 coverart for the Kuroshitsuji manga. Though I add, take, and change some, it still is the double-breasted pattern with shorts. So I guess you can say that the inspiration actually came from the Vol. 6 cover artwork.  


Yes, by book is still in the making. I am currently arranging how I will be gathering data and conducting the research for my project. This includes interviews, studying, and other intensive research.  I have a photographer lined up, who is interested in helping me out with the project.  I am greatly thankful for this.

My trip to Japan will give me the extra research that I need to actually complete the book, so I am looking at a late 2012-2013 release date. It will take time for me to organize all of the data and chapters and images, and also to find myself a good publisher. I am wanting to go through VIZ Media to release my project, but I am also looking at how difficult that may be considering how large of a company VIZ is, and I had heard something about how closed they can be to people who do not have an agent.


I have been SOOMED, ladies and gentlemen...and I am proud of it...though coming up with January's payment is difficult...I am not working very  much at the moment, and I have been finding difficulties in getting stuff sold. I am all over the place trying to figure out how to get the last $250 paid on her. If I don't pay this off, then I lose over $1000....That's a lot of money lost.....I have to pay her off somehow...

That's really it for now. I will be back soon!

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