Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Updates for February!


My birthday is in 6 days!! :D Im super excited!!!! =^.^=

I FINISHED PAYING OFF NEPHELIN!! :D  So now I just have to wait 2 weeks to 100 days to get her home. XD lol  But its going to be worth the wait.  In the mean time...
WE GOT THE GRANT TO GO TO JAPAN!! :D Im off to Japan in May!!! :D  Its so exciting!!! :3  We will be in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto for the most part doing the actual research, and then we will have time to visit other areas. The team seems like we want to go to Hiroshima, and Im totally up for that. :3

I am really hoping to do the Study Abroad this year. I think I may not go to London, but come back or stay in Japan instead. It will all depend if I like it or not, really, though I probably will love it to death. ^^


Some costume updates!~ 

Nevermore is getting his own costume made! :D  I can't wait to get it finished. ^_^  The fabric I used was a crushed upholstery velvet in black, and lined with gold formal satin. I may or may not make pants for him. I may wear tights with boots, or I might wear some pants. I dont know yet. It will entirely depend on what I feel like doing. ^^   His tunic (being made by Chammy cause she knows the pattern better than I do) will be made out of a gorgeous yukata fabric bolt in greens and gold leaves. Its absolutely stunning. I thought it was too girly at first, but it looks like it will work splendidly! :D

I am making progress on Ciel too. His head dress, eyepatch, and shoulder gaurd is finished, and his wig came in along with his boots. All of that is taken care of, and it is now up to my seamstress to get everything else done for me. I hate commissioning people because I have to trust and rely on them. If I had more time, I would be doing it, and not someone else. V.V  But I don't trust myself to get Sooooooo much done in a month. @.@  I would die. 

Fabrics for Ciel include: brocades, velvets, satins, tulle, and cottons. If it turns out the way I expect it to according to my design, he will look stunning.

I also have some costumes that I am working on that are due in a month, which include vests and an outfit for Kristen's faerie. I hope to sit down with her soon so we can start working on the design. ^.^  I was thinking reds and purples, but I want to know what she wants. ^^  I can't wait to get started! :D

I am also going to start working on some lolita dresses and shirts. I think my lolita wardrobe is lacking, though its understandable since I no longer loyally follow lolita fashion. I follow gyaru, but I think I want to make some lolita stuff just for the hell of it. ^_^  I have some characters who would wear lolita, so it works completely in my favor. ^^


I am currently writing two books, the cosplay guide and a yaoi. ^.^"  But I get to publish the yaoi and not pay anything except GET paid, so its a win-win situation. Problem is, I am only at 16,000 words out of 50,000.  O.O"

Hey yall! Gonna leave it at that for the moment!! :D TTYL!!!


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